How to Send Meeting Invitation via Outlook

Hi dear all,

Part of my job as a MEETING REPORTER is to send invitations for meetings.

so today I will teach you how to send invitaion of meeting for your stuff,clients,workmates,moderatoss …etc. ….

follow me with these pictures please:



First, when you open your outlook(which is linked and powered by your company, go to the main menu above and click the small arrow of the icon “NEW”

you will see a list of choices of sending new mail message ,,meeting request …etc…


please choose ‘APPOINTMENT ‘ from that list





Second, you will see an empty table of invitations you have to fill these white bars with the necessarily information about time of the meeting, date of the meeting, place of the meeting and the purpose of the meeting…for example, in the SUBJECT bar you are going to write the tittle of the meeting….in the LOCATION bar you are going to write the place of the meeting( be specific, write the exact Hall of room of the meeting .If it is numbered,do not hesitate to write its number..for example Room 39)..

Then you go to START TIME and ENDING TIME  icons. click on the small arrow there so you can see a small calender.choose the date that the meeting going to be held in….

Then go to the time and do the same..pick up the right time of the meeting and choose the duration of the meeting .


Now, you are only one step to finish preparing the on INVITE ATTENDEES icon to include the presents of the meeting..




Third, after you click on INVITE ATTENDEES , you will see this picture (above).. all what you have to do is going to “TO” bar and inculde the name of the attendees ..the address’s\names of attendees are ordered alphabetically.. so when you write Moh for example, a list of names\adress will be shown to you with the same names starting with Moh...These names and address will be provided by your company IT department usually..if not, you have to add address to your outlook.It is the same when you are adding a contact to your contact list in MSN or Yahoo. Don’t worry, it is easy to do.


Now, in the big wide white box under…you can write what ever you want regarding the meting,, for instance ,notice from ou or from your boss regarding the meeting,, Usually I write the sentence shown in the picture ^_^


Now ,you are ready to send the on SEND 




Chapter (2.2) Dead Man is Walking

Raise and shine people :::

please read these previous chapters to be clear ( Previously in My stories )

chapter 1.1  ( I gotta a Job )

chapter 1.2

chapter 2.1 ( Dead Man is Walking )

Chapter 2.2 Dead Man is Walking

 ……. I was in the head office waiting for an local guy called Hilal who suppose to take me to Project Management office ( Where my office should be ).Hilal is the courier guy.He came from the same district I live in so we have somethings in common and we have somethings really do not match at all.This Hilal has many stories with me in person, you will know him more if you click on this link in section ‘People of My Stories”.

Anyway, I kept waiting for 2 hours for  Mr. Hilal.Nobody was there to do his job.Maybe because the company was running too many projects, they could not offer a guy to do the job, everybody was busy you know..such thing..After 2 hours of waiting in the head office, another guy offered to take me to PM office (Project Management ).His Name is Marhoon.He is PRO ( Public Relation Officer).This guy was one of the craziest  guy I have ever met.He was driving real speedy ,talking to him self , singing unknown songs while he was driving.He was about to get us killed because of his style of driving.On that specific moment, I wished that I have license and driving my own car to work instead of a crazy punk ass taking me to death with an open arms.

Let me explain something about the company projects and locations before completing my story, that would help you to get a clear image about what is going on…

Enspiron runs many projects in my country.It is a famous company with long history of experience, well it is American, so it is trusted more than local companies to handle big projects..Some locals may say, An American company comes here to this Arab country ,stealing all of the advantages from local companies and investors ..Moreover, it is going to be paid more,(Millions)  while the rest of the companies ( Local ones) only get the remaining of the bread.In my country , government prefer to give a huge amount of money to a company from outside instead of giving a chance for a local company with low price to pay.Some of my locals my say ” We don’t have that much qualified companies yet, or we don’t have qualified Local Engineers to handle big projects”, OK ladies and gents, but why we are sending these hundreds of students outside the country for education ? isnt because they suppose to come again her and handle the projects of their own country ? Mr.President , what do you think ? well, Americans , you don’t know how much Arab hate you because of this kind of policy ..They think that you are stealing their money, their resources ..We blame you while the side who should be blamed is our government .Government is giving you the chance to suck our resource ..The government is ready to give billions of dollars to you American or European because of two reasons ,, 1- thy believe that you are better than us in handling our issues…2- to show of in front of their naigbure countries that they are dealing with international, big companies to run their projcts….fuck ’em all…

Let’s go back to the story,..Enspiron has many projects’s sites here in the capital..Each site gotta a name…where I been hired to work was PM, the project management… this is where Mr.Stone the project manager,I have along history of stories with this guy,, but let him wait his turn looooooolz.. The other sites were C1, C2, C3, C4, C5A,C5B…( C= Contractor).Each contractor office was run by RE which stands for Resident Engineer.The resident Engineer is the mini manager who is responsible about the whole contractor office issues from A to B. I wondered , why they there were no C6,, but doood come on look at the the words ( see six),, In the Arab world ,people mix between six as a number and six as (sex, sexuality),, so whenever they say six, it means sex, eventually ,c6 would come to their mind as ( SEE SEX) what the fuck!!! so as if somebody is inviting them to see sex… out buddy, you gotta be careful when you are numbering with 6…So this is why the company chooses C5A, C5B instead of C6..

C1 and PM were in the same area, place while the other contractors were spread in different areas…The closet site contractor for our office in the PM was C4, while the very far one was C5B..( you have to use car to reach any of them )..


So Mr.Marhoon took me to C2..He left me there and gone as if he was delivering pizza .I went inside the building which was a beautiful clean big flat consists of two floors . I went up to the top floor to find a nice beautiful girl.Her name is Naima.I told here that I have been hired to work there in C2.She was smiling and welcoming me but the moment she heard that I ‘m coming to work with then in c2, she turned to be aggressive, I don’t know why..She went to her Boos, The Resident Engineer to tell him the bad news ” A new asshole is going to work with us boss”…The RE, Mr.Sairi was very nice guy.He always smile and makes jokes.He was confused because no body told him that am going to work with them in c2.H e made some phone calls then he smiled at my face again and said that I suppose to work in the PM office not her in c2..The son Naima head the extremely good news, she changed again to be nice to me…..I don’t understand you Girls…… uh.. !!!


So I had to wait again untill somebody else come and takes me to PM office…Two hours of waiting there feeling bored and stuck,,untill the Mr.Arthur came………Who is Mr.Arthur ??? 

Follow me to the next chapter


To be continued 

Stress of being going and coming to work from home


Does it kill you that you have to travel long from your house to get to your work everyday ? …well, it does with me…

Everyday I get up early,, getting my car ready, swim and brush my teeth, manage to dress my clothes t then having breakfast then going in a long trip to my work location which is in the city….

Those who live in country side ,they know what am talking about…

Imagine that your work start at 8:00 AM in the morning but you have to wake 2 or 3 hours before to get ready…long way in the road, then when you finish, it is the same thing…

Well, in the begining , I was really stressed , I leave office very tired then I have to drive along way back home… somtimes I was near to make deadly  accidents  because i was sleeping while driving….I have to finish some work inside the house,,these reports don’t finish and they follow me even to my house..imaging doing your family obligation and work obligation in the same short narrow time..


Then My Mom was too scary about the case, she asked me to take a bottle of cold water with me in the car, so whenever I feel sleepy, I park the car then I wash my face to wake up… nice strategy , thanx Mum..

But hey people, there are more tips which would help you to reduce the stress and to stay safe in the road..

1)- Try to finish all of your work duties inside your office, try hard as much as you can, so when you go home you go with out any work business to do..


2)- do practice in you work.Do not just set down in your chair all the time.Go and have a walk during the lunch break, try to move to do somthing required moving from place to place,if you are free you can provide help for you workmate in another office..this way will keep your body active and HOT.

3)- When you wake up in the morning, try to not think about work or any non finished duties in your office.Think about how beautiful the life is, the beggining of a new day, listen to the FM news….etc


4)- Try not to eat heavy food during lunch break because a lot of food will make you lazy and sleepy especially between 1- 3 PM.

5)- when you go home, make sure that you have a bottle of cold water so you can stop for a while and wash your face.You will feel fresh.Also, if you feel sleepy while driving and you are alone, play your music player in your car and increase the sound of it.. better to choose noisy music,like the rock music..Moreover, if you feel really sleepy, pull over , lock the doors and have a snap of sleep..half hour or even 15 minutes will be enough for your mind and body to take a break and get started again.


Whish you less stress and safe drive ^_*

Simple & Organized Forum of Minute of Meeting

This is how I do the Minutes of Meeting,, really simple and organized,,

folloow the pictures please : The minutes will be in Microsoft Word File


In this pictures above, you write the name of the project at the top of the write the purpose of the meeting ,,the you write the date of the meeting, the place and the specific time of the meeting…then you go and list the people names who are attending the meeting along with their positions classify them as Clients,,,, Consultant  ,,,,contractors, sub contractors( This is the case for Construction projects )



In the picture above it is clear that you should organize you minutes within a table…the number of the issue,, the minutes and the action, are the main topics which will be put on the top of the table…then you go put numbers and titles for the issues going to be discussed.. in the Action bar, you will put the name of the party who is responsible to apply specific statement ….you should go points then sup points to be more organized…



In the picture above… finally you put when the meeting is finished ..then the date you finished this minutes.. also you put bars for the people who are going to check and approve this minute…usually checking is done by the head of Engineers while approvals is done by your big boss ( Project Manager for example )

Basic Sample of Directors Meeting Minutes

Basic Sample of Directors Meeting Minutes….

Sample of Board Meeting Minutes
Name of Organization
(Board Meeting Minutes: Month Day, Year)
(time and location)

Board Members:
Present: Bhata Bhatacharia, Jon White Bear, Douglas Carver, Elizabeth Drucker, Pat Kyumoto, Jack Porter, Mary Rifkin and Leslie Zevon
Absent: Melissa Johnson
Quorum present? Yes

Others Present:
Exec. Director: Sheila Swanson
Other: Susan Johns, Consulting Accountant

· Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair, Elizabeth Drucker
· (Last month’s) meeting minutes were amended and approved

· Chief Executive’s Report:
– Recommends that if we not able to find a new facility by the end of this month, the organization should stay where in the current location over the winter. After brief discussion, Board agreed.
– Staff member, Jackson Browne, and Swanson attended the National Practitioner’s Network meeting in Atlanta last month and gave a brief extemporaneous presentation. Both are invited back next year to give a longer presentation about our organization. After brief discussion, Board congratulated Swanson and asked her to pass on their congratulations to Browne as well.
– Drucker asserts that our organization must ensure its name is associated with whatever materials are distributed at that practitioner’s meeting next year. The organization should generate revenues where possible from the materials, too.
– Swanson mentioned that staff member, Sheila Anderson’s husband is ill and in the hospital. MOTION to send a gift to Anderson’s husband, expressing the organization’s sympathy and support; seconded and passed.

· Finance Committee report provided by Chair, Elizabeth Drucker:
– Drucker explained that consultant, Susan Johns, reviewed the organization’s bookkeeping procedures and found them to be satisfactory, in preparation for the upcoming yearly financial audit. Funds recommends that our company ensure the auditor provides a management letter along with the audit financial report.
· – Drucker reviewed highlights, trends and issues from the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Issues include that high accounts receivables require Finance Committee attention to policies and procedures to ensure our organization receives more payments on time. After brief discussion of the issues and suggestions about how to ensure receiving payments on time, MOTION to accept financial statements; seconded and passed.

· Board Development Committee’s report provided by Chair, Douglas Carver:
– Carver reminded the Board of the scheduled retreat coming up in three months, and provided a drafted retreat schedule for board review. MOTION to accept the retreat agenda; seconded and passed.
– Carver presented members with a draft of the reworded By-laws paragraph that would allow members to conduct actions over electronic mail. Carver suggested review and a resolution to change the By-laws accordingly. Kyumoto suggested that Swanson first seek legal counsel to verify if the proposed change is consistent with state statute. Swanson agreed to accept this action and notify members of the outcome in the next Board meeting.

· Other business:
– Porter noted that he was working with staff member, Jacob Smith, to help develop an information management systems plan, and that two weeks ago he (Porter) had mailed members three resumes from consultants to help with the plan. In the mailing, Porter asked members for their opinions to help select a consultant. Porter asked members for their opinions. (NOTE: Zevon noted that she was also a computer consultant and was concerned about conflict of interest in her Board role regarding this selection, and asked to be ABSTAINED from this selection. Members agreed.) The majority of members agreed on Lease-or-Buy Consultants. MOTION to use Lease-or-Buy Consultants; seconded and passed.
– Swanson announced that she had recently hired a new secretary, Karla Writewell.

· Assessment of the Meeting:
– Kyumoto noted that the past three meetings have run over the intended two-hour time slot by half an hour. He asked members to be more mindful and focused during discussions, and suggested that the Board Development Chair take an action to identify solutions to this issue. Chair, Carver, agreed.

· Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Bhata Bhatacharia

Chapter 2.1 (Dead Man is Walking )

Chapter 2 (Dead Man is Walking )

To get a job from the first time  in an international really big company which has so many branches over the world,  was really something beyond my career expectations…I was extremely happy, I didn’t forget to send hundreds of SMS to all of  the names listed in my phone showing off that I have got a job with a good salary in famous company..maybe teasing some gies in the family who never expected me to get such a job very fast..

I spent the three following days with my family preparing for the job..Actually I had  applied for another job before going to Enspieron ,so I took the chance to go and doing interview within those three days of waiting to start the gob with Enspiron…You know, human are greedy, Maybe I was looking for better job in another place,,but hell, which job could be better than the job I have with Enspiron !! doooods, it is funny…

The three days passed very fast..I went to the head office of the company after the 3 days..I was there very early in the morning.I met Miss Maryam again.She was less happy that time..a small smile in her lips,, that’s all..Maybe she get used to me already.. no discrimination …She told me that my job will be Minutes Reporter.. and I shall work not in the head office ,but in the PM=Project Managment which is far away from the head office, in one of the projects sites..

But hey , what this Minutes Reporter role? what is he suppose to do ?

Simply, A Minutes Reporter  is the person who is responsible for attending the company’s meetings , taking notes of the meetings, then making a certain forum of meeting(first draft), then sending this forum to the attendees via email for revision and comments, then receiving them to put the final draft ,finally send it again as an official Minutes of the meeting….Moreover, he or she is responsible to document all of these meetings reports in files, keeping them organized by date …Also, Minutes Reporter is the person who makes the calender of the meetings, sending invitations for different parties and booking rooms for the meetings too.

Now, to tell you the truth , it is not an easy job to do ,because you got to be really careful about anything you write in these reports.Every single word is counted .Furthermore , you will be hearing dozens of technical terms and words which will be quite a fucking headache if you are fresh to the Counstruction Business(like me for example).As a matter of fact, these reports of Meetings considered to be legal and official documents like a prove or evidence of what is going on in certain project so anything wrong there, you will be the targeted person to blame or to accuse.So if you wrote a kind of  statement that you think it ‘been made by on of the parties, and that particular party claimed that he did not made it, so , watch out buddy….  because your ass on fire…

The second things which makes Minutes very difficult is that you got to have real excellent writing and listening skills. otherwise ,you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere . When it comes to work with an international company , You have to be aware about different English Accents, tones, low and high voices , speed talkers and slow talkers…PHONETICS and LINGUISTIC should be you big game to play in.


So, this was my lovely fucking position in Enspiron…


To be Continued….. 

Mr.Erick ( Operation Manager )

Mr.Erick is one of the remarkable character in Enspiron …He is the operation manager..As I mentioned before , He is  a typical Britch Guy who cares aabout order and looks after everything in the company..


He is about the end of 55 years old but he looks much younger, full of energy and ready to act on any time in any place ..


He is tall and sporty as well but he has strange of voice tone that is really hard to hear sometimes..very low tone..


Now people in the company really value and respect this guy .The considred him the icon of the company..They might be afraid of his presence too..A s a matter of fact, he has a sharity forrball school in the country… really nice guy..


my first meeting with Mr.Erick was the day I got hired in Espiron.That day I did not give him much attention or concern because I didnt know what does it mean the word OPERATION MANAGER…

Later on when I kept hearing people saying marvelous things about him and knew that they respect him, I started to do so as well and I started to make that image of  powerful  giant  who control everything …..

I had another chance to meet him again but that time was in my office, it wasa really WOOOOOOW,THE BIG BOSS IS HERE IN MY OFFICE ?? I CANT BELIVE IT ?

later one , Something started to change inside me about this guy..


To be Updated….


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