Chapter (1.1)- I got a job

Rise and shine people……

It was one of  those lucky days.I dont know what is the g God’s well but I was walking by his well indeed.

Date: 8\ April \2011.

I was with my previous uni partner.I graduated from Uni at the end of January 2011 but He graduated one year before me.We were touring the city under the hot sun which could blow up your mind in any seconds , seeking for job chances from company to company.from ministry to ministry knocking all the possible doors of our career, well some doors we knocked,we got cikied in our asses .In my country there is a stron Vet-amine called Wasta.This Vet-amine allows you directly  to get a job no matter your age,qualification,history or health.Some higly educated people in wetren countries would call it Corruption but we call it Wasta.Wasta is the golden way to corruption.,, believe if you dont have this Vet-amine , you wont go so far with your dreams boy…ooooh yaaaah..

After , three hours of throwing  our CVs here and there my partner parked his car( he was driving not me because I don’t have a license  loooolz), then he raside his finger to one of the big buildinges in from of us.” Let us try this one, I have put my CV with them long time ago.maybe they will remeber me and give us jobs”… with out a word, I cleaned my wet face with te-sho because I was sweating (Thanks for my partner’s car which was an old HUYNDAI with out AC at all) , then I got out the car walked beside him smiling…

The building was really big and clean.It seemed that it is new one maybe built lately.On top of it, there was a big shiny board written in it ‘ Easpirons” international for Engineering and Construction “.

While we were riding the elevator up to the 5th floor where the admin, my partner Assad was optimistic and happy about that company? I asked him why you look so happy ? .He answered,” Because those gies know me and I have a big chance to be hired here”…..well. poor Assad….I forget to tell ask him if he has any of these Wasta Vita-mine in his pocket…

We reached the Reciption desk.There was really cute old lady there..well, not that old,, maybe 30 or like that..She welcomed us in Arabic while my friend Assad jumped to replay in English,, showing muscles,, you know,,that kind of action which says ‘ I’m highly educated,I know to speak English very well..dont  understmate me dumb-ass…etc”..

Assad reminded her that he put his CV with her long time ago but no body called him for any job.The poor kind woman replied polity that no job vacancies a valuable now and whenever there is any, she well contact him…Well, this is the most famous answer those reception would give to any job seekers ,..I couldn’t believe my self how much accurate they say it…PERFECT…no stutter or anything..right away in your face with an angel smile so you don’t feel that you should take your dummy-ass and go away….

Suddenly , A very tall slim woman with a big smile came out of nowhere.She was really tall.She reminded me with that which craft Woman I saw in Adam’s Family Movie.She came and welcomed us.. the receptionist  told here that we were there for jobs.The tall woman said with a shining eyes ,’welcome to you in our company, my name is Maryam The head of Human Resource here, and I would be glad  if I can see your CV s? ….

My partner gave her his CV very fast while I was taking out some Gum stock in my paper’s envelope.She took the CVs , asked us to set down till she finishes reading them.I was tired so I didnt had that much of hope to be accepted to work for this big international company..By the way… it is an American company….My partner was looking at the Maryam from top to toe .. focusing in her booots.. what a guy?? I know how he usually he thinks about women when they stand in front of him…To be honest, Maryam had no boots at all..( well me to was seeing,not focusing, what to do human MEN nature )..As known in this country,women use to wear Abaya so non of their inside materials going to be shown in public( nice one,inside materials hah !!),,some girls look really sexy with this Abaya thing,, but this Maryam seemed like a man wearing women clothes ,, that all… I couldn’t know what had attract Assad in that woman Maryam….

in My country, some girls wear this Abaya (check the   photo) in a way they really attract men minds and   dicks as well..but some of them wear the same thing in   away they make us as men respect them and admire   him…Does that means that these first team are   hockers or bitches ? no at all.. it is only kind of life  style changing between the city and the villages(country side) girls wear fancy clothes with different styles, while country side girls wear more Conservative and traditional clothes..

  ” Please follow me Gents “

I wook up from my thoughts when Maryam    asked us to follow her to small seprate empty    room……………..why ??

  NEXT CHAPTER you will know…

Rise and shine people..


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