chapter 1.1 Thoughts

Now my mind is really bubling with some ferious and peacfull thoughts inside my head… watch out ,, I will talk dirty, frankly and to the point on your faces …





1)- Why people in some companies enjoy in tutoring others who are seeking for jobs? Many times you will find that guy\girl who would have nothing in this life but to destroy your confidence to get a job in the company he\she works in? Some of them will said ” walk away, no jobs a valuable “, some others will meet you with cold faces maybe drinking a cup of cold juice while you are burning under the sun seeking for job and all what you receive are these cold faces and the sentence ” you can put your CV’s and we will contact you soon”.. and God himself knows that they are only lying to you … These people in there need some Behavioral courses and years of training to know how to deal with some one looking for a job….especially someone who burned his ass and head under the sun and he is angry enough to pull their fucking heads  out of  thier necks….




2)-  When does the story of  Vet-amine ‘W’ finish? The whole world is corrupted with this illness  no matter where you are .. and I tell you, this illness is really spreading a lot in Arab countries… Do you have to know a guy in order to get a good position job? what about those years of studying and training?? they vanish the moment you are going to an interview and you failed because a fucking ass hole guy who has no qualifications even does not know how to scratch his dam dick and he got the job, but you not…This is because the same fucking guy knows somebody fro inside,, so bay bay Mr. My right.




3)- now what is the story of Women booots gies ? you cant handle seeing a woman in front of you and not to stare at her boots or legs or lips or ass ?? this call is for the Arab Men including me…what is the secret that push us to have that really bad temptation  to have sex with any woman standing in from of us.. especially if she is beautiful ? don’t tell me that if she is wearing good covered clothes we wont have such desire? wake up Muslims… Islam asked our women to get suitable dress\clothes,really cover most of their bodies but we MEN still greedy not convinced that it is enough…we do paint sexy images inside our minds about any woman even-though she is covered with black from top to toe……Hell of me,,, am one of them….Women,, have mercy on us and please disappear


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