Miss Maryam (Head of Human Resource)

Miss Maryam,











she is about 38 years old woman…

Very calm but when she gets angry, you wont see her face at all..

tall and very thin..white …

I met this woman 7 times till now, most of the times when I go to the Head office of the the company to finish any issue related to work..

Mis Maryam is that kind of woman who would really like to put everything in its place ..She always talk about order and doing the right thing, in other hand she is smart and foxy as well..Maybe because this is the nature of her job…being smart, have effect on others and foxy to get the benfites for the place she wors for…

Since she is the Head of Human resource of the company , she used to be very bussy,,, somtimes she gets sick because of hrd stress at work…But I dont see her ding anything to be honest and most of the time she is not there,,on leave or vacation…. U dont know

Many ladies workmates in the company hate her , they said that she is lazy and whenever there are any complaints from the stuff,she ignore them with a cold face. well.. I never saw her like that but maybe because I ‘m new in the company ans I shall see this later…To be honest, I sent her email asking her if there are any chance for my sister(who is last year student in IT major) to get IT training in the company, it been one week now, but no body replied me..

By the way, she is not married yet …..


To be Updated …….


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