5 Reasons that make you hate your Boss at work

5 Reasons that make you Hate your Boss:

People may differ in the way they like thier Boss to treat them….I could feel that the coming 5 things could really make you hate him:

1)- When he calls your name loudly in front of your workmates everyday whenever he wants he to do something for him….Gosh !!!! you are not a dog right ????

2)- When you did a mistake,maybe small little one ,then he shouts at your face  in front of your workmates,, especially in meetings ….imagine the situation …eggghhhhh!!!!

3)- When you work hard like a donky and he knows that but he never appreciate it, instead, actually he praises your lazy bones workmate,in front of you…..Uh , God I hate it ….

4)- When he puts someone to spy on you…You know in every company there is a little mouse with long tail sneaking over the rooms looking for daily dirty stuff to transfer it to the God Almighty Boss…

5)- When you call him asking for one day leave becuse you are really sick( not pretending), then he asks you rude to come to work …what big Boss ? You want dead man walking in your company ??? uh ..

so what do you think doods?


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