Chapter 1.2 Thoughts (Real friendship)

Rise and Shine People :::::::::

What is the meaning of the word FRIENDSHIP? 

check this page before you go reading this

Before the incidence of me being hired to Enspiron Company , I thought that word friendship means nothing in my life.In fact, before meeting Assad, I quite having friendship long time ago because I have been back bited so many times from diffrent friends ? All of us hate back biting right ?…

In this life, we keep searching for that perfect match souls we can belong to, we can feel secure and happy with.. it is difficult time I know when it comes to choose a friend, real close friend….

The moment I saw Assad reaction twards the fact that I have been hired but him not, I really felt the taste of real friendship.A frindship that builts in nor selfhisness or taking advantages on others.A frinedship where sacrfice is really tremendous gift to be given to whom you love and care about..I will never forget his human attuide when he accpt the turth with highly lovely spirit and walks with it very fast..He treated me like a brother …

We havent met after that day in the company because each one of us now busy with his career and life( He got a job as I heard ) …..

Assad, thank you my dear real friend for making me feel again the taste of real friendship………. ^_^


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