Chapter 2.1 (Dead Man is Walking )

Chapter 2 (Dead Man is Walking )

To get a job from the first time  in an international really big company which has so many branches over the world,  was really something beyond my career expectations…I was extremely happy, I didn’t forget to send hundreds of SMS to all of  the names listed in my phone showing off that I have got a job with a good salary in famous company..maybe teasing some gies in the family who never expected me to get such a job very fast..

I spent the three following days with my family preparing for the job..Actually I had  applied for another job before going to Enspieron ,so I took the chance to go and doing interview within those three days of waiting to start the gob with Enspiron…You know, human are greedy, Maybe I was looking for better job in another place,,but hell, which job could be better than the job I have with Enspiron !! doooods, it is funny…

The three days passed very fast..I went to the head office of the company after the 3 days..I was there very early in the morning.I met Miss Maryam again.She was less happy that time..a small smile in her lips,, that’s all..Maybe she get used to me already.. no discrimination …She told me that my job will be Minutes Reporter.. and I shall work not in the head office ,but in the PM=Project Managment which is far away from the head office, in one of the projects sites..

But hey , what this Minutes Reporter role? what is he suppose to do ?

Simply, A Minutes Reporter  is the person who is responsible for attending the company’s meetings , taking notes of the meetings, then making a certain forum of meeting(first draft), then sending this forum to the attendees via email for revision and comments, then receiving them to put the final draft ,finally send it again as an official Minutes of the meeting….Moreover, he or she is responsible to document all of these meetings reports in files, keeping them organized by date …Also, Minutes Reporter is the person who makes the calender of the meetings, sending invitations for different parties and booking rooms for the meetings too.

Now, to tell you the truth , it is not an easy job to do ,because you got to be really careful about anything you write in these reports.Every single word is counted .Furthermore , you will be hearing dozens of technical terms and words which will be quite a fucking headache if you are fresh to the Counstruction Business(like me for example).As a matter of fact, these reports of Meetings considered to be legal and official documents like a prove or evidence of what is going on in certain project so anything wrong there, you will be the targeted person to blame or to accuse.So if you wrote a kind of  statement that you think it ‘been made by on of the parties, and that particular party claimed that he did not made it, so , watch out buddy….  because your ass on fire…

The second things which makes Minutes very difficult is that you got to have real excellent writing and listening skills. otherwise ,you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere . When it comes to work with an international company , You have to be aware about different English Accents, tones, low and high voices , speed talkers and slow talkers…PHONETICS and LINGUISTIC should be you big game to play in.


So, this was my lovely fucking position in Enspiron…


To be Continued….. 


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