Mr.Erick ( Operation Manager )

Mr.Erick is one of the remarkable character in Enspiron …He is the operation manager..As I mentioned before , He is  a typical Britch Guy who cares aabout order and looks after everything in the company..


He is about the end of 55 years old but he looks much younger, full of energy and ready to act on any time in any place ..


He is tall and sporty as well but he has strange of voice tone that is really hard to hear sometimes..very low tone..


Now people in the company really value and respect this guy .The considred him the icon of the company..They might be afraid of his presence too..A s a matter of fact, he has a sharity forrball school in the country… really nice guy..


my first meeting with Mr.Erick was the day I got hired in Espiron.That day I did not give him much attention or concern because I didnt know what does it mean the word OPERATION MANAGER…

Later on when I kept hearing people saying marvelous things about him and knew that they respect him, I started to do so as well and I started to make that image of  powerful  giant  who control everything …..

I had another chance to meet him again but that time was in my office, it wasa really WOOOOOOW,THE BIG BOSS IS HERE IN MY OFFICE ?? I CANT BELIVE IT ?

later one , Something started to change inside me about this guy..


To be Updated….



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