Simple & Organized Forum of Minute of Meeting

This is how I do the Minutes of Meeting,, really simple and organized,,

folloow the pictures please : The minutes will be in Microsoft Word File


In this pictures above, you write the name of the project at the top of the write the purpose of the meeting ,,the you write the date of the meeting, the place and the specific time of the meeting…then you go and list the people names who are attending the meeting along with their positions classify them as Clients,,,, Consultant  ,,,,contractors, sub contractors( This is the case for Construction projects )



In the picture above it is clear that you should organize you minutes within a table…the number of the issue,, the minutes and the action, are the main topics which will be put on the top of the table…then you go put numbers and titles for the issues going to be discussed.. in the Action bar, you will put the name of the party who is responsible to apply specific statement ….you should go points then sup points to be more organized…



In the picture above… finally you put when the meeting is finished ..then the date you finished this minutes.. also you put bars for the people who are going to check and approve this minute…usually checking is done by the head of Engineers while approvals is done by your big boss ( Project Manager for example )


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