Stress of being going and coming to work from home


Does it kill you that you have to travel long from your house to get to your work everyday ? …well, it does with me…

Everyday I get up early,, getting my car ready, swim and brush my teeth, manage to dress my clothes t then having breakfast then going in a long trip to my work location which is in the city….

Those who live in country side ,they know what am talking about…

Imagine that your work start at 8:00 AM in the morning but you have to wake 2 or 3 hours before to get ready…long way in the road, then when you finish, it is the same thing…

Well, in the begining , I was really stressed , I leave office very tired then I have to drive along way back home… somtimes I was near to make deadly  accidents  because i was sleeping while driving….I have to finish some work inside the house,,these reports don’t finish and they follow me even to my house..imaging doing your family obligation and work obligation in the same short narrow time..


Then My Mom was too scary about the case, she asked me to take a bottle of cold water with me in the car, so whenever I feel sleepy, I park the car then I wash my face to wake up… nice strategy , thanx Mum..

But hey people, there are more tips which would help you to reduce the stress and to stay safe in the road..

1)- Try to finish all of your work duties inside your office, try hard as much as you can, so when you go home you go with out any work business to do..


2)- do practice in you work.Do not just set down in your chair all the time.Go and have a walk during the lunch break, try to move to do somthing required moving from place to place,if you are free you can provide help for you workmate in another office..this way will keep your body active and HOT.

3)- When you wake up in the morning, try to not think about work or any non finished duties in your office.Think about how beautiful the life is, the beggining of a new day, listen to the FM news….etc


4)- Try not to eat heavy food during lunch break because a lot of food will make you lazy and sleepy especially between 1- 3 PM.

5)- when you go home, make sure that you have a bottle of cold water so you can stop for a while and wash your face.You will feel fresh.Also, if you feel sleepy while driving and you are alone, play your music player in your car and increase the sound of it.. better to choose noisy music,like the rock music..Moreover, if you feel really sleepy, pull over , lock the doors and have a snap of sleep..half hour or even 15 minutes will be enough for your mind and body to take a break and get started again.


Whish you less stress and safe drive ^_*


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