How to Send Meeting Invitation via Outlook

Hi dear all,

Part of my job as a MEETING REPORTER is to send invitations for meetings.

so today I will teach you how to send invitaion of meeting for your stuff,clients,workmates,moderatoss …etc. ….

follow me with these pictures please:



First, when you open your outlook(which is linked and powered by your company, go to the main menu above and click the small arrow of the icon “NEW”

you will see a list of choices of sending new mail message ,,meeting request …etc…


please choose ‘APPOINTMENT ‘ from that list





Second, you will see an empty table of invitations you have to fill these white bars with the necessarily information about time of the meeting, date of the meeting, place of the meeting and the purpose of the meeting…for example, in the SUBJECT bar you are going to write the tittle of the meeting….in the LOCATION bar you are going to write the place of the meeting( be specific, write the exact Hall of room of the meeting .If it is numbered,do not hesitate to write its number..for example Room 39)..

Then you go to START TIME and ENDING TIME  icons. click on the small arrow there so you can see a small calender.choose the date that the meeting going to be held in….

Then go to the time and do the same..pick up the right time of the meeting and choose the duration of the meeting .


Now, you are only one step to finish preparing the on INVITE ATTENDEES icon to include the presents of the meeting..




Third, after you click on INVITE ATTENDEES , you will see this picture (above).. all what you have to do is going to “TO” bar and inculde the name of the attendees ..the address’s\names of attendees are ordered alphabetically.. so when you write Moh for example, a list of names\adress will be shown to you with the same names starting with Moh...These names and address will be provided by your company IT department usually..if not, you have to add address to your outlook.It is the same when you are adding a contact to your contact list in MSN or Yahoo. Don’t worry, it is easy to do.


Now, in the big wide white box under…you can write what ever you want regarding the meting,, for instance ,notice from ou or from your boss regarding the meeting,, Usually I write the sentence shown in the picture ^_^


Now ,you are ready to send the on SEND 




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