Chapter (2.2) Dead Man is Walking

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chapter 1.1  ( I gotta a Job )

chapter 1.2

chapter 2.1 ( Dead Man is Walking )

Chapter 2.2 Dead Man is Walking

 ……. I was in the head office waiting for an local guy called Hilal who suppose to take me to Project Management office ( Where my office should be ).Hilal is the courier guy.He came from the same district I live in so we have somethings in common and we have somethings really do not match at all.This Hilal has many stories with me in person, you will know him more if you click on this link in section ‘People of My Stories”.

Anyway, I kept waiting for 2 hours for  Mr. Hilal.Nobody was there to do his job.Maybe because the company was running too many projects, they could not offer a guy to do the job, everybody was busy you know..such thing..After 2 hours of waiting in the head office, another guy offered to take me to PM office (Project Management ).His Name is Marhoon.He is PRO ( Public Relation Officer).This guy was one of the craziest  guy I have ever met.He was driving real speedy ,talking to him self , singing unknown songs while he was driving.He was about to get us killed because of his style of driving.On that specific moment, I wished that I have license and driving my own car to work instead of a crazy punk ass taking me to death with an open arms.

Let me explain something about the company projects and locations before completing my story, that would help you to get a clear image about what is going on…

Enspiron runs many projects in my country.It is a famous company with long history of experience, well it is American, so it is trusted more than local companies to handle big projects..Some locals may say, An American company comes here to this Arab country ,stealing all of the advantages from local companies and investors ..Moreover, it is going to be paid more,(Millions)  while the rest of the companies ( Local ones) only get the remaining of the bread.In my country , government prefer to give a huge amount of money to a company from outside instead of giving a chance for a local company with low price to pay.Some of my locals my say ” We don’t have that much qualified companies yet, or we don’t have qualified Local Engineers to handle big projects”, OK ladies and gents, but why we are sending these hundreds of students outside the country for education ? isnt because they suppose to come again her and handle the projects of their own country ? Mr.President , what do you think ? well, Americans , you don’t know how much Arab hate you because of this kind of policy ..They think that you are stealing their money, their resources ..We blame you while the side who should be blamed is our government .Government is giving you the chance to suck our resource ..The government is ready to give billions of dollars to you American or European because of two reasons ,, 1- thy believe that you are better than us in handling our issues…2- to show of in front of their naigbure countries that they are dealing with international, big companies to run their projcts….fuck ’em all…

Let’s go back to the story,..Enspiron has many projects’s sites here in the capital..Each site gotta a name…where I been hired to work was PM, the project management… this is where Mr.Stone the project manager,I have along history of stories with this guy,, but let him wait his turn looooooolz.. The other sites were C1, C2, C3, C4, C5A,C5B…( C= Contractor).Each contractor office was run by RE which stands for Resident Engineer.The resident Engineer is the mini manager who is responsible about the whole contractor office issues from A to B. I wondered , why they there were no C6,, but doood come on look at the the words ( see six),, In the Arab world ,people mix between six as a number and six as (sex, sexuality),, so whenever they say six, it means sex, eventually ,c6 would come to their mind as ( SEE SEX) what the fuck!!! so as if somebody is inviting them to see sex… out buddy, you gotta be careful when you are numbering with 6…So this is why the company chooses C5A, C5B instead of C6..

C1 and PM were in the same area, place while the other contractors were spread in different areas…The closet site contractor for our office in the PM was C4, while the very far one was C5B..( you have to use car to reach any of them )..


So Mr.Marhoon took me to C2..He left me there and gone as if he was delivering pizza .I went inside the building which was a beautiful clean big flat consists of two floors . I went up to the top floor to find a nice beautiful girl.Her name is Naima.I told here that I have been hired to work there in C2.She was smiling and welcoming me but the moment she heard that I ‘m coming to work with then in c2, she turned to be aggressive, I don’t know why..She went to her Boos, The Resident Engineer to tell him the bad news ” A new asshole is going to work with us boss”…The RE, Mr.Sairi was very nice guy.He always smile and makes jokes.He was confused because no body told him that am going to work with them in c2.H e made some phone calls then he smiled at my face again and said that I suppose to work in the PM office not her in c2..The son Naima head the extremely good news, she changed again to be nice to me…..I don’t understand you Girls…… uh.. !!!


So I had to wait again untill somebody else come and takes me to PM office…Two hours of waiting there feeling bored and stuck,,untill the Mr.Arthur came………Who is Mr.Arthur ??? 

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To be continued 


Chapter 2.1 (Dead Man is Walking )

Chapter 2 (Dead Man is Walking )

To get a job from the first time  in an international really big company which has so many branches over the world,  was really something beyond my career expectations…I was extremely happy, I didn’t forget to send hundreds of SMS to all of  the names listed in my phone showing off that I have got a job with a good salary in famous company..maybe teasing some gies in the family who never expected me to get such a job very fast..

I spent the three following days with my family preparing for the job..Actually I had  applied for another job before going to Enspieron ,so I took the chance to go and doing interview within those three days of waiting to start the gob with Enspiron…You know, human are greedy, Maybe I was looking for better job in another place,,but hell, which job could be better than the job I have with Enspiron !! doooods, it is funny…

The three days passed very fast..I went to the head office of the company after the 3 days..I was there very early in the morning.I met Miss Maryam again.She was less happy that time..a small smile in her lips,, that’s all..Maybe she get used to me already.. no discrimination …She told me that my job will be Minutes Reporter.. and I shall work not in the head office ,but in the PM=Project Managment which is far away from the head office, in one of the projects sites..

But hey , what this Minutes Reporter role? what is he suppose to do ?

Simply, A Minutes Reporter  is the person who is responsible for attending the company’s meetings , taking notes of the meetings, then making a certain forum of meeting(first draft), then sending this forum to the attendees via email for revision and comments, then receiving them to put the final draft ,finally send it again as an official Minutes of the meeting….Moreover, he or she is responsible to document all of these meetings reports in files, keeping them organized by date …Also, Minutes Reporter is the person who makes the calender of the meetings, sending invitations for different parties and booking rooms for the meetings too.

Now, to tell you the truth , it is not an easy job to do ,because you got to be really careful about anything you write in these reports.Every single word is counted .Furthermore , you will be hearing dozens of technical terms and words which will be quite a fucking headache if you are fresh to the Counstruction Business(like me for example).As a matter of fact, these reports of Meetings considered to be legal and official documents like a prove or evidence of what is going on in certain project so anything wrong there, you will be the targeted person to blame or to accuse.So if you wrote a kind of  statement that you think it ‘been made by on of the parties, and that particular party claimed that he did not made it, so , watch out buddy….  because your ass on fire…

The second things which makes Minutes very difficult is that you got to have real excellent writing and listening skills. otherwise ,you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere . When it comes to work with an international company , You have to be aware about different English Accents, tones, low and high voices , speed talkers and slow talkers…PHONETICS and LINGUISTIC should be you big game to play in.


So, this was my lovely fucking position in Enspiron…


To be Continued….. 

Chapter(1.2) I got a Job.

Rise and Shine People…


We followed  Maryam to that small tiny little room.We sat down in two sperate chairs ..she put the papers in fron of her then she looked at me in my eyes and asked me to talk about my self in English..

I started to talk.. with the real ability of English American Accent ( I call it E double A)..She was amazed in with the way English comes out of my mouth..I was very calm, speaking professional   English and smiling between a while and another…She kept asking me many questions about my major and what kind of experiences I have… well, I told her that am English Teacher graduate, but I had little experience in business things like dealing with customers, translation some contracts for my father’s friends and so on…I dont know why she was smiling all the time and expanding   her eyes as if she is going to explode out of  her happiness…I didntt recognize the reason back there… to be honest I thought she had some of craziness because of her shape and the way she looks at the people..


Maryam kept asking me question after another while my partner Assad been ignored ….He realized that she is interested in talking to me more than him(Maybe because of his normal English Accent…poor him), but he stayed calm and focused on both of us with the eyes of a tiger.. ..


Finally, she asked Assad to leave the room in order to ask me some questions.Assad left and waited near the reception desck .

Maryam hide her smile inside this time and said that they are going hire me for the job because I have excellent English but I had to pass writing test before so she can tell if she wants me or not….She went out to bring paper and pen ..


i was alone in the room, thinking of nothing but what it wonderful if  I passed the test and accepted to work with he company..It was the first time going to do test for job..but thought I was strangely calm and confident…


She came and give me the instruction along with the papers and the pen..I finished the easy test in 5 minutes then she came with the Operation Manager Mr. Erick …He is a britch guy,, really handsome and toned…


Maryam was smiling again while Mr.Erick was telling me that I have been accepted to work with them ,then he let Maryam to finish all the contract procedure….I was very happy.. Maryam came to me smiling and she said

” I’m very proud that I gave this chance for one of my country sons to work in this big company..Tom, I’m really proud of you and I’m sure that you will do good with us “…

Uh !!! now you know why she was smiling all the time ? This woman is a real example of patriotism,, she was there to give chance and support for one of her country sons with knowing him, with out Vet-amine Wasta.. She was full of pure joy and happiness.. very proud of me..

In our country , unfortunately people in high position and high authority both in private and public sector have a big  trust on expatriates more than the locals when it comes to work .They prefer to lose thousands maybe millions  of dollars  hiring  a guy who is from outside the country instead of hiring  a local guy who carries the same experience, qualification…stupid method I know…so this what made me respect Maryam ..She gave me a chance to work in company specialized in engineering and constructions  while I was English Education profession,,,, it was like mixing two tomatoes with oil and sand but it went on indeed….and I got the job….


After I signed the contract,I went out the room ..My partner Assad was there looking at am waiting for his turn to go inside and do the test… It was really hard to tell him that I have been chosen but him not…really difficult and hurting me..He was like a friend and a brother and he was hoping to get the job with this company because he applied for the job long time ago…before me…


I could tell him that,, Thnx God that Mryam came out very nervous and shy  and she told him the bad shocking news…After she finished telling him, He smiled,,real smile then he hugged me and said

” Me and Tom are one person, I ‘m very happy for him that he got the job,, it is ok with me”…..At that moment,I really felt like a knife cutting me inside…Assad was a good friend,,a good brother who wasn’t selfish and who was brave to accept the painful fact…


We left the company with our hands together wishing for him to get a job better than the one I got….



Chapter (1.1)- I got a job

Rise and shine people……

It was one of  those lucky days.I dont know what is the g God’s well but I was walking by his well indeed.

Date: 8\ April \2011.

I was with my previous uni partner.I graduated from Uni at the end of January 2011 but He graduated one year before me.We were touring the city under the hot sun which could blow up your mind in any seconds , seeking for job chances from company to company.from ministry to ministry knocking all the possible doors of our career, well some doors we knocked,we got cikied in our asses .In my country there is a stron Vet-amine called Wasta.This Vet-amine allows you directly  to get a job no matter your age,qualification,history or health.Some higly educated people in wetren countries would call it Corruption but we call it Wasta.Wasta is the golden way to corruption.,, believe if you dont have this Vet-amine , you wont go so far with your dreams boy…ooooh yaaaah..

After , three hours of throwing  our CVs here and there my partner parked his car( he was driving not me because I don’t have a license  loooolz), then he raside his finger to one of the big buildinges in from of us.” Let us try this one, I have put my CV with them long time ago.maybe they will remeber me and give us jobs”… with out a word, I cleaned my wet face with te-sho because I was sweating (Thanks for my partner’s car which was an old HUYNDAI with out AC at all) , then I got out the car walked beside him smiling…

The building was really big and clean.It seemed that it is new one maybe built lately.On top of it, there was a big shiny board written in it ‘ Easpirons” international for Engineering and Construction “.

While we were riding the elevator up to the 5th floor where the admin, my partner Assad was optimistic and happy about that company? I asked him why you look so happy ? .He answered,” Because those gies know me and I have a big chance to be hired here”…..well. poor Assad….I forget to tell ask him if he has any of these Wasta Vita-mine in his pocket…

We reached the Reciption desk.There was really cute old lady there..well, not that old,, maybe 30 or like that..She welcomed us in Arabic while my friend Assad jumped to replay in English,, showing muscles,, you know,,that kind of action which says ‘ I’m highly educated,I know to speak English very well..dont  understmate me dumb-ass…etc”..

Assad reminded her that he put his CV with her long time ago but no body called him for any job.The poor kind woman replied polity that no job vacancies a valuable now and whenever there is any, she well contact him…Well, this is the most famous answer those reception would give to any job seekers ,..I couldn’t believe my self how much accurate they say it…PERFECT…no stutter or anything..right away in your face with an angel smile so you don’t feel that you should take your dummy-ass and go away….

Suddenly , A very tall slim woman with a big smile came out of nowhere.She was really tall.She reminded me with that which craft Woman I saw in Adam’s Family Movie.She came and welcomed us.. the receptionist  told here that we were there for jobs.The tall woman said with a shining eyes ,’welcome to you in our company, my name is Maryam The head of Human Resource here, and I would be glad  if I can see your CV s? ….

My partner gave her his CV very fast while I was taking out some Gum stock in my paper’s envelope.She took the CVs , asked us to set down till she finishes reading them.I was tired so I didnt had that much of hope to be accepted to work for this big international company..By the way… it is an American company….My partner was looking at the Maryam from top to toe .. focusing in her booots.. what a guy?? I know how he usually he thinks about women when they stand in front of him…To be honest, Maryam had no boots at all..( well me to was seeing,not focusing, what to do human MEN nature )..As known in this country,women use to wear Abaya so non of their inside materials going to be shown in public( nice one,inside materials hah !!),,some girls look really sexy with this Abaya thing,, but this Maryam seemed like a man wearing women clothes ,, that all… I couldn’t know what had attract Assad in that woman Maryam….

in My country, some girls wear this Abaya (check the   photo) in a way they really attract men minds and   dicks as well..but some of them wear the same thing in   away they make us as men respect them and admire   him…Does that means that these first team are   hockers or bitches ? no at all.. it is only kind of life  style changing between the city and the villages(country side) girls wear fancy clothes with different styles, while country side girls wear more Conservative and traditional clothes..

  ” Please follow me Gents “

I wook up from my thoughts when Maryam    asked us to follow her to small seprate empty    room……………..why ??

  NEXT CHAPTER you will know…

Rise and shine people..