Chapter 1.2 Thoughts (Real friendship)

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What is the meaning of the word FRIENDSHIP? 

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Before the incidence of me being hired to Enspiron Company , I thought that word friendship means nothing in my life.In fact, before meeting Assad, I quite having friendship long time ago because I have been back bited so many times from diffrent friends ? All of us hate back biting right ?…

In this life, we keep searching for that perfect match souls we can belong to, we can feel secure and happy with.. it is difficult time I know when it comes to choose a friend, real close friend….

The moment I saw Assad reaction twards the fact that I have been hired but him not, I really felt the taste of real friendship.A frindship that builts in nor selfhisness or taking advantages on others.A frinedship where sacrfice is really tremendous gift to be given to whom you love and care about..I will never forget his human attuide when he accpt the turth with highly lovely spirit and walks with it very fast..He treated me like a brother …

We havent met after that day in the company because each one of us now busy with his career and life( He got a job as I heard ) …..

Assad, thank you my dear real friend for making me feel again the taste of real friendship………. ^_^


5 Reasons that make you hate your Boss at work

5 Reasons that make you Hate your Boss:

People may differ in the way they like thier Boss to treat them….I could feel that the coming 5 things could really make you hate him:

1)- When he calls your name loudly in front of your workmates everyday whenever he wants he to do something for him….Gosh !!!! you are not a dog right ????

2)- When you did a mistake,maybe small little one ,then he shouts at your face  in front of your workmates,, especially in meetings ….imagine the situation …eggghhhhh!!!!

3)- When you work hard like a donky and he knows that but he never appreciate it, instead, actually he praises your lazy bones workmate,in front of you…..Uh , God I hate it ….

4)- When he puts someone to spy on you…You know in every company there is a little mouse with long tail sneaking over the rooms looking for daily dirty stuff to transfer it to the God Almighty Boss…

5)- When you call him asking for one day leave becuse you are really sick( not pretending), then he asks you rude to come to work …what big Boss ? You want dead man walking in your company ??? uh ..

so what do you think doods?


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Miss Maryam (Head of Human Resource)

Miss Maryam,











she is about 38 years old woman…

Very calm but when she gets angry, you wont see her face at all..

tall and very thin..white …

I met this woman 7 times till now, most of the times when I go to the Head office of the the company to finish any issue related to work..

Mis Maryam is that kind of woman who would really like to put everything in its place ..She always talk about order and doing the right thing, in other hand she is smart and foxy as well..Maybe because this is the nature of her job…being smart, have effect on others and foxy to get the benfites for the place she wors for…

Since she is the Head of Human resource of the company , she used to be very bussy,,, somtimes she gets sick because of hrd stress at work…But I dont see her ding anything to be honest and most of the time she is not there,,on leave or vacation…. U dont know

Many ladies workmates in the company hate her , they said that she is lazy and whenever there are any complaints from the stuff,she ignore them with a cold face. well.. I never saw her like that but maybe because I ‘m new in the company ans I shall see this later…To be honest, I sent her email asking her if there are any chance for my sister(who is last year student in IT major) to get IT training in the company, it been one week now, but no body replied me..

By the way, she is not married yet …..


To be Updated …….

chapter 1.1 Thoughts

Now my mind is really bubling with some ferious and peacfull thoughts inside my head… watch out ,, I will talk dirty, frankly and to the point on your faces …





1)- Why people in some companies enjoy in tutoring others who are seeking for jobs? Many times you will find that guy\girl who would have nothing in this life but to destroy your confidence to get a job in the company he\she works in? Some of them will said ” walk away, no jobs a valuable “, some others will meet you with cold faces maybe drinking a cup of cold juice while you are burning under the sun seeking for job and all what you receive are these cold faces and the sentence ” you can put your CV’s and we will contact you soon”.. and God himself knows that they are only lying to you … These people in there need some Behavioral courses and years of training to know how to deal with some one looking for a job….especially someone who burned his ass and head under the sun and he is angry enough to pull their fucking heads  out of  thier necks….




2)-  When does the story of  Vet-amine ‘W’ finish? The whole world is corrupted with this illness  no matter where you are .. and I tell you, this illness is really spreading a lot in Arab countries… Do you have to know a guy in order to get a good position job? what about those years of studying and training?? they vanish the moment you are going to an interview and you failed because a fucking ass hole guy who has no qualifications even does not know how to scratch his dam dick and he got the job, but you not…This is because the same fucking guy knows somebody fro inside,, so bay bay Mr. My right.




3)- now what is the story of Women booots gies ? you cant handle seeing a woman in front of you and not to stare at her boots or legs or lips or ass ?? this call is for the Arab Men including me…what is the secret that push us to have that really bad temptation  to have sex with any woman standing in from of us.. especially if she is beautiful ? don’t tell me that if she is wearing good covered clothes we wont have such desire? wake up Muslims… Islam asked our women to get suitable dress\clothes,really cover most of their bodies but we MEN still greedy not convinced that it is enough…we do paint sexy images inside our minds about any woman even-though she is covered with black from top to toe……Hell of me,,, am one of them….Women,, have mercy on us and please disappear

Chapter(1.2) I got a Job.

Rise and Shine People…


We followed  Maryam to that small tiny little room.We sat down in two sperate chairs ..she put the papers in fron of her then she looked at me in my eyes and asked me to talk about my self in English..

I started to talk.. with the real ability of English American Accent ( I call it E double A)..She was amazed in with the way English comes out of my mouth..I was very calm, speaking professional   English and smiling between a while and another…She kept asking me many questions about my major and what kind of experiences I have… well, I told her that am English Teacher graduate, but I had little experience in business things like dealing with customers, translation some contracts for my father’s friends and so on…I dont know why she was smiling all the time and expanding   her eyes as if she is going to explode out of  her happiness…I didntt recognize the reason back there… to be honest I thought she had some of craziness because of her shape and the way she looks at the people..


Maryam kept asking me question after another while my partner Assad been ignored ….He realized that she is interested in talking to me more than him(Maybe because of his normal English Accent…poor him), but he stayed calm and focused on both of us with the eyes of a tiger.. ..


Finally, she asked Assad to leave the room in order to ask me some questions.Assad left and waited near the reception desck .

Maryam hide her smile inside this time and said that they are going hire me for the job because I have excellent English but I had to pass writing test before so she can tell if she wants me or not….She went out to bring paper and pen ..


i was alone in the room, thinking of nothing but what it wonderful if  I passed the test and accepted to work with he company..It was the first time going to do test for job..but thought I was strangely calm and confident…


She came and give me the instruction along with the papers and the pen..I finished the easy test in 5 minutes then she came with the Operation Manager Mr. Erick …He is a britch guy,, really handsome and toned…


Maryam was smiling again while Mr.Erick was telling me that I have been accepted to work with them ,then he let Maryam to finish all the contract procedure….I was very happy.. Maryam came to me smiling and she said

” I’m very proud that I gave this chance for one of my country sons to work in this big company..Tom, I’m really proud of you and I’m sure that you will do good with us “…

Uh !!! now you know why she was smiling all the time ? This woman is a real example of patriotism,, she was there to give chance and support for one of her country sons with knowing him, with out Vet-amine Wasta.. She was full of pure joy and happiness.. very proud of me..

In our country , unfortunately people in high position and high authority both in private and public sector have a big  trust on expatriates more than the locals when it comes to work .They prefer to lose thousands maybe millions  of dollars  hiring  a guy who is from outside the country instead of hiring  a local guy who carries the same experience, qualification…stupid method I know…so this what made me respect Maryam ..She gave me a chance to work in company specialized in engineering and constructions  while I was English Education profession,,,, it was like mixing two tomatoes with oil and sand but it went on indeed….and I got the job….


After I signed the contract,I went out the room ..My partner Assad was there looking at am waiting for his turn to go inside and do the test… It was really hard to tell him that I have been chosen but him not…really difficult and hurting me..He was like a friend and a brother and he was hoping to get the job with this company because he applied for the job long time ago…before me…


I could tell him that,, Thnx God that Mryam came out very nervous and shy  and she told him the bad shocking news…After she finished telling him, He smiled,,real smile then he hugged me and said

” Me and Tom are one person, I ‘m very happy for him that he got the job,, it is ok with me”…..At that moment,I really felt like a knife cutting me inside…Assad was a good friend,,a good brother who wasn’t selfish and who was brave to accept the painful fact…


We left the company with our hands together wishing for him to get a job better than the one I got….



Chapter (1.1)- I got a job

Rise and shine people……

It was one of  those lucky days.I dont know what is the g God’s well but I was walking by his well indeed.

Date: 8\ April \2011.

I was with my previous uni partner.I graduated from Uni at the end of January 2011 but He graduated one year before me.We were touring the city under the hot sun which could blow up your mind in any seconds , seeking for job chances from company to company.from ministry to ministry knocking all the possible doors of our career, well some doors we knocked,we got cikied in our asses .In my country there is a stron Vet-amine called Wasta.This Vet-amine allows you directly  to get a job no matter your age,qualification,history or health.Some higly educated people in wetren countries would call it Corruption but we call it Wasta.Wasta is the golden way to corruption.,, believe if you dont have this Vet-amine , you wont go so far with your dreams boy…ooooh yaaaah..

After , three hours of throwing  our CVs here and there my partner parked his car( he was driving not me because I don’t have a license  loooolz), then he raside his finger to one of the big buildinges in from of us.” Let us try this one, I have put my CV with them long time ago.maybe they will remeber me and give us jobs”… with out a word, I cleaned my wet face with te-sho because I was sweating (Thanks for my partner’s car which was an old HUYNDAI with out AC at all) , then I got out the car walked beside him smiling…

The building was really big and clean.It seemed that it is new one maybe built lately.On top of it, there was a big shiny board written in it ‘ Easpirons” international for Engineering and Construction “.

While we were riding the elevator up to the 5th floor where the admin, my partner Assad was optimistic and happy about that company? I asked him why you look so happy ? .He answered,” Because those gies know me and I have a big chance to be hired here”…..well. poor Assad….I forget to tell ask him if he has any of these Wasta Vita-mine in his pocket…

We reached the Reciption desk.There was really cute old lady there..well, not that old,, maybe 30 or like that..She welcomed us in Arabic while my friend Assad jumped to replay in English,, showing muscles,, you know,,that kind of action which says ‘ I’m highly educated,I know to speak English very well..dont  understmate me dumb-ass…etc”..

Assad reminded her that he put his CV with her long time ago but no body called him for any job.The poor kind woman replied polity that no job vacancies a valuable now and whenever there is any, she well contact him…Well, this is the most famous answer those reception would give to any job seekers ,..I couldn’t believe my self how much accurate they say it…PERFECT…no stutter or anything..right away in your face with an angel smile so you don’t feel that you should take your dummy-ass and go away….

Suddenly , A very tall slim woman with a big smile came out of nowhere.She was really tall.She reminded me with that which craft Woman I saw in Adam’s Family Movie.She came and welcomed us.. the receptionist  told here that we were there for jobs.The tall woman said with a shining eyes ,’welcome to you in our company, my name is Maryam The head of Human Resource here, and I would be glad  if I can see your CV s? ….

My partner gave her his CV very fast while I was taking out some Gum stock in my paper’s envelope.She took the CVs , asked us to set down till she finishes reading them.I was tired so I didnt had that much of hope to be accepted to work for this big international company..By the way… it is an American company….My partner was looking at the Maryam from top to toe .. focusing in her booots.. what a guy?? I know how he usually he thinks about women when they stand in front of him…To be honest, Maryam had no boots at all..( well me to was seeing,not focusing, what to do human MEN nature )..As known in this country,women use to wear Abaya so non of their inside materials going to be shown in public( nice one,inside materials hah !!),,some girls look really sexy with this Abaya thing,, but this Maryam seemed like a man wearing women clothes ,, that all… I couldn’t know what had attract Assad in that woman Maryam….

in My country, some girls wear this Abaya (check the   photo) in a way they really attract men minds and   dicks as well..but some of them wear the same thing in   away they make us as men respect them and admire   him…Does that means that these first team are   hockers or bitches ? no at all.. it is only kind of life  style changing between the city and the villages(country side) girls wear fancy clothes with different styles, while country side girls wear more Conservative and traditional clothes..

  ” Please follow me Gents “

I wook up from my thoughts when Maryam    asked us to follow her to small seprate empty    room……………..why ??

  NEXT CHAPTER you will know…

Rise and shine people..

 Well I ‘m that kind of guy who…

 Well, I ‘m that kind of guy who likes to talk  and to write..And this is the beginning

Human being have to powerful weapons which      could blow anything up” I repeat, ANYTHING”..        These two weapons are , Tongue & Pen…..

am 28 years old.

living in GCC..

Like to like everything and anything.. I dont fall  around.I gave you what you want to know..

You will know me better when I start to tell my  freeky, amazing stories.

This bolg meant to be for thoses people who have an idea that work only work..but I turned to discover that thier idea is only ” SHIT”..

Work is a life.. much more than we could imagine..but hey, depends on which work you are in…. yes Amego..buddy

what is diffrent about this blog than other millions  blogs?

simply, it is all real, truth,frank,honest ,,and contains nasty and gossip stuff.. yaaaah, real heave stuff that YOU or WE should be afraid to talk about..

It is all about what strange, funy,sad things you could possibly facing in your workplace

It is all about how human think, what we do expect from others when it comes to career, chances  and future .

It is all about me looking after you ,then me jumbing on you to get what I think I deserve, then me getting revenge on you then our boss is shouting ” what the heck is going on”…

It is all about these nasty, really scary rumors sneaking under the tables staring between the chairs ….

so, You name it …..

Wellcome to you

Raise and shin People..

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